This FAQ is for venues that use the Weytr Dashboard. If you are looking for information on how to use the Weytr App FAQ, please click here.

Does Weytr do home delivery?

No. Weytr is an in-venue app, and does not offer delivery to addresses. Weytr is specifically designed to make on-site sales more efficient, profitable and safe.

How do promotions work?

Promotions can be connected to specific items (such as discounted beer during happy hour) or to customers (such as VIP memberships). You control the discount, items, members and at what time it should be available. Weytr automatically applies the relevant discount to each order.

What is a Weytr code?

A Weytr code is the code that tells your staff where the order should be delivered. It can be a hotel room number, a table number, a sunbed number or any name or code you prefer.

What is a zone?

A zone is how you split the different parts of your venue: a resort could have a restaurant, pool, beach and rooms for example. A restaurant could have two floors, or a VIP section.

How are menus controlled?

Menus are connected to zones, so that customers only can order items available to that zone. For example, the three-course meal available in the restaurant might not be available by the pool.

What is Weytr’s price model?

Weytr has a no-cure-no-pay model. You only pay for the sales the app generates, making it risk-free.

Can customers pay with cash?

Customers can choose to pay for their orders manually, instead of doing it through the app.

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